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MANTRASOFT INDIA is a renowned AngularJS development company with a focus on providing top of the line AngularJS development services. It doesn’t matter if you need a single page application or a fully functional enterprise application, our engineers, and top-rated AngularJS developers have got you covered.

We understand the crux surrounding AngularJS MVC architecture and have mastered all the tricks to do faster and high-quality web development around the framework. Our team is equally capable of creating applications for small, medium and big businesses and serve them accordingly. Our top-notch AngularJS consultant will walk you through the entire process and provide expert opinion to further improve your project according to the market conditions.

What is our Angular JS Mantra !!

AngularJS is one of the top JavaScript frameworks. It uses HTML as a template and also enables HTML to be used to create dynamic websites. At MANTRASOFT INDIA, we understand the ins and outs of AngularJS framework and provide the best possible service. Our approach to solving ideas and bringing them to real life. AngularJS is a great framework and makes it easy to code complicated ideas in simple terms.

Being one of the top AngularJS development companies in the world, we focus on providing highly affordable services which result in a simple and scalable solution. Our understanding of enhanced UX also helps us carter the app to the general audience which has high acceptance rate among the users. Our AngularJS solutions are used by millions of users as we excel at creating AngularJS apps for different verticals. In short, we fulfill the growing demand for an interactive app with the surgical development process and attention to detail.

The whole process of development starts with simple business analysis as our consultants try to understand the project and bridge the gap between you and our developers. With the basic understanding and proper project management, we start building the application, starting from design. Our development team takes the design and transforms it into a working prototype which in turn goes through thorough testing. The last step includes deploying the application after approval at the client’s end.

  • AngularJS plugin Development
  • Custom AngularJS Development
  • User Interactive App Development
  • Migration Services
  • Web Application Development using AngularJS
  • E-Commerce, Shopping Cart Development using AngularJ
  • AngularJS consulting
  • Content Management Tools
  • Portal Development


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