Architectural Consulting

Architecture Conceptualization

The MANTRASOFT INDIA software architecture team can help organizations facing software system problems such as poor quality—seen in, for example, systems crashing or behaving unpredictably, or users judging that a system is unusable. Or slow time to market—seen in missed integration deadlines due to difficulty in identifying root causes of problems.

The organizations who have decided to develop their software products on architecture-centric approach, MANTRASOFT INDIA can be the right partner to coach and provide consulting services. Our software architect teams work in alignment with the customer’s development teams to define and establish an architecture. We also work to align and optimize the architecture processes and their associated processes.

Architecture Evaluation

MANTRASOFT INDIA provides architects who upon working with customer staff determine when and what methods of architecture evaluation are appropriate, then assist in applying the results to improve the developing architecture. Architecture evaluation helps developers learn how to establish an architecture that responds to critical system qualities in the product.

MANTRASOFT INDIA offers evaluation tools and procedures to evaluate and improve software architectures. Our team works in alignment with quality attribute goals to identify the tradeoffs made by the architecture at each process, system or information storing patterns.

Our expert teams also work to identify the architectural risks, inconsistencies and effects across the ecosystem. This becomes highly crucial for medium-large scale organizations where multiple systems are interlinked to develop a reliable, performance oriented system. The security and maintainability aspects of the architecture are also evaluated so as to establish the right platform from initial stages itself.

Architecture Assessment

Our experts further evaluate the architecture based on qualitative methods as well, so that concrete contexts can be established across the processes and systems. The qualitative assessment involves Experience-based – Architecture Design Reviews as well as Scenario-based Architecture Design Reviews. Applying right combination of assessment methodology to establish accurate product deliverables is what MANTRASOFT INDIA team boasts of.

MANTRASOFT INDIA offers most effective approach towards architecture assessment and evaluation. The architecture is assessed based on qualitative as well as quantitative methods to establish the right relations across the systems. The quantitative assessment involves prototype analysis, simulation testing and Code Quality Management (CQM) to visualize the Software use cases and the potential breakage points.


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