Enterprise Integration Services

Integrating Software Applications

Choosing the right technology for your environment is just the first step. Assembly, integration and programming for a converged infrastructure can all pose challenges that delay system setup. When looking for holistic IT integration services save time and money and reduce risk by leveraging MANTRASOFT INDIA’s expertise. Rather than train your internal IT department for a one-time project, let us manage your technology integration. We can lower the cost and complexity of building and configuring IT solutions. We’ll work with you to assemble, integrate, program, configure, warehouse and deploy your IT infrastructure, regardless of your current data center environment.

Business Process Integration

MANTRASOFT INDIA offers a solution to take on the challenges of business process integration. MANTRASOFT INDIA provides a lightweight integration platform that enables connectivity across applications and services. It provides the technology to automate business process within the organization as well across customers, partners, and suppliers. We take the pain out of integration. With our products and training, any developer can quickly create integrations, customize business processes and make modifications. With right set of people and efficient mix of efficient services, we offer a carefully planned business process integration suite of services for your better services implementation and customer care.

  • Business process analysis
  • Process remodeling
  • Business process management implementation
  • Business process management support

Integration Architecture Design

Strategy services refer to the overall course of IT development. Enterprise Architects working on strategy provide customers with assistance and oversight by taking business process and capabilities, and using them to provide current both a current, and an ideal future state of architecture. This provides a customer with an information roadmap to sustainably grow its IT infrastructure. The successful integration and enterprise services at the MANTRASOFT INDIA come with the enriched market experience and a strong network of architects who brings themselves with a studied model of integration services and enterprise architecture. We provide the full-service model at the first sitting of customer requirement gathering and ensure a smooth integration implementation.

  • Enterprise Integration methodology
  • Enterprise architecture roadmap & strategy
  • Enterprise integration implementation
  • Enterprise Architecture review


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