WooCommerce 4.0 is coming ! Let’s Mantra IT !!!

WooCommerce 4.0 is coming ! Let’s Mantra IT !!!

Mantrasoft India team is very exited to provide support our existing customers and new customers of WooCommerce 4.0 The entire team is closely observes each release of it and completely ready for WooCommerce 4.0

The expected release of the WooCommerce is early March 2020. It is going to be a major release as we already know how it went when WooCommerce has released 3.0

The entire team is eagerly waiting for the new exiting features like WooCommerce Admin interface, New dashboard and reports section.


The new Admin section of WooCommerce will work only WordPress version of 5.3 and above if your WordPress version is less than this it will be automatically disabled.

Should I worry About New Release? Will my old code Run as it is with WooCommerce 4.0 Update?

The answer is YES !!! But the release contains small number of breaking changes. Majorly there is a plan of updating Action Scheduler Library and it is a new database structure and custom table for scheduled actions.

Reach us out if you are planning to build strategy for moving to WooCommerce 4.0 with Ahmedabad’s Best WordPress Agency. So WooCommerce 4.0 ?? Let’s #mantra IT !!!

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